Killzone Shadow Fall 'Insurgent Pack' coming in April, two free maps now available

Killzone: Shadow Fall is getting an "Insurgent Pack" in April, and Guerrilla has detailed the full line-up that it will include. Plus, two free maps are now available, and a free trial of the multiplayer mode is ongoing.


Killzone Shadow Fall is preparing to roll out its next expansion, titled the Insurgent Pack. The expansion includes a new character class, three more abilities, three weapons, and two game modes. It's coming in April.

The pack was detailed on the PlayStation.Blog. The new Insurgent class comes with Hack and Steal abilities, and has to make-do with a pistol until he can steal weapons and hack enemy turrets to protect him. The new abilities are an e-pulse emitter that stifles automata in an area, a tactical echo emitter that makes it difficult for enemies to hide, and a guard drone. It will also add an M82 rifle from Killzone 2 and 3, L512 SMG Pistol, and Sta14 rifle. A few new personalization options and collectibles will be available too. Finally, the pack will add a "Single Player Elite" mode, which sets the difficulty to Hard and gives you only three lives.

Guerrilla also announced that two maps, the Cruiser and the Hanger, are available now on the PlayStation Store for free. If you want to try out Killzone's multiplayer, it's available as a free trial until March 11, and you don't need a PlayStation Plus subscription to give it a shot.

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