MLB 14: The Show online franchise mode detailed

MLB 14: The Show is featuring a connected franchise mode for the first time in the series, and Sony has outlined just how it will work.

MLB 14 The Show is finally bringing its Franchise Mode online, and has detailed some of the major features of the newly connected experience. The result is what the developers call a blending of the team-building franchise features, and the custom schedules and alignments of online leagues. Creating an Online Franchise makes you the league Commissioner, giving you power to choose the divisions, schedule type, and whether or not to upload a custom roster. You can then invite other players and mark CPU to fill in any gaps in team management. Teams will be wise to perform regular amateur scouting throughout the regular season, so that they'll know who to pick once you go to a live online draft. You'll also have access to minor league rosters, so you can move players up and down the ranks as they improve their skills. The offseason has been divided into two parts. In the first part, you'll renew contracts and pick drafts, and Sony says it has made serious revisions to its player contract logic, to more accurately reflect the real MLB. The second half of the offseason is when you deal with free agent contracts.

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