Friends of D and Enemy Zero creator attempt to create posthumous game

The video game industry was shaken last year when game designer and musician Keiji Eno, who worked on such games as Enemy Zero and the D series, passed away. His colleagues are now trying to make one of his unreleased games.


The video game industry lost one of its own last year when game designer and musician Keiji Eno passed away at 42. Now, his colleagues are attempting to create one of his final projects posthumously.

During his lifelong career as a game designer and music producer, Eno worked on a number of quirky games, including Panic Restaurant and Casino Kid for the NES and Real Sound, a game that consisted of no graphics whatsoever, instead relying on audio cues. However, it was with the introduction of games later in his career, namely the survival/horror games D, D-2, and Enemy Zero, that he would really hit his stride.

Eno's colleagues, consisting of composer Katsutoshi Eguchi, chief director Iida Kazutoshi, and production director Naoya Sato, are planning to make "Kakexun," using documents written by Eno before his death. According to early details, it will be an online action game with a focus on world-building elements. The team plans on using crowdfunding to pay for development.

More details can be found at the game's official page (via Polygon). A teaser trailer for the game can be found below.

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