Oculus Rift film 'Zero Point' gets interactive trailer

The Oculus Rift film Zero One has gotten an interactive trailer to show off what a movie might be like when you control where you look.


Oculus Rift has been mostly associated with video games, but startup company Condition One envisions it being used for immersive films as well. To that end, it has released an interactive trailer for Zero Point, a 3D 360-degree film from Academy Award nominated director Danfung Dennis (Hell and Back Again).

The interactive trailer is available through the official site, and gives some idea of what the movie will be like by letting you look around using the mouse. The full version will use the head-tracking instead, obviously, but it still gets the point across.

"It's clear that it's no longer a question of if Virtual Reality will happen, it's just a matter of when. And when it does emerge, it will be a major platform shift in computing with the potential to fundamentally transform entertainment and communication," said Dennis, in the announcement. "With 'Zero Point,' we wanted to showcase the profound importance of Virtual Reality by placing viewers in unique scenarios that they otherwise might not find themselves in."

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