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MouseCraft coming to PC and Vita in May, PlayStation 4 in summer

The indie puzzle game MouseCraft is coming to PC and Vita in May, followed by a PlayStation 4 version in summer. An alpha version is already available as early access on Steam.


The indie puzzle game MouseCraft is coming to PlayStation 4 and Vita, Curve Studios has announced. The developer says it's aiming to release the cute-as-a-button puzzle game on Vita in early May, followed by the PlayStation 4 version sometime this summer.

Your task is to help guide mice safely to their cheese by dropping Tetrominos to create safe paths and take down threats. The final game will include 50 stages in the campaign, and a level editor.

MouseCraft is already available as an early access game on Steam for $9.99, from Polish developer Crunching Koalas. Curve is handling the PlayStation ports. Curve says on its blog that the PC and Vita versions will release simultaneously, so that means the PC final build should be ready in May as well.


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