BlazBlue visual novel 'XBlaze Code: Embryo' coming this summer

BlazBlue is getting a story-focused visual novel this summer on PlayStation 3 and Vita, set 150 years before the rest of the series.


The BlazBlue series is getting another iteration next month with the launch of Chrono Phantasma, but those of you who play primarily for the story have something to look forward to as well. Aksys Games has announced it will be publishing Arc System's XBlaze Code: Embryo, a visual novel set 150 years before the rest of the series. It's due this summer for PlayStation 3 and Vita.

The announcement on the PlayStation Blog promises branching paths, which will shift based on which in-game articles and blog posts you choose to read. The game's "TOi system" recommends articles similar to an RSS reader, and you can open or close paths by choosing which to check out. Other characters in the game will be reading as well, so you could always take their recommendations.

It also aims to be more dynamic than your typical visual novel, with shifting camera angles and music cues making it resemble an animated feature. The plot follows Touya Kagari, an average high school student who finds himself the target of killers and secret agents alike. Tracking your way through the story will shed more light on pieces of the BlazBlue mythos like the Azure and Black Beast.

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