Madden NFL 25 predicts Broncos win in Super Bowl

EA has released its Madden prediction for the Super Bowl, with a Madden NFL 25 simulation calling for the Broncos to win with a field goal in overtime.


The regular football season is behind us and only the big game remains, which means the next week will be awash with speculation, amateur quarterbacking, and teasers for this year's crop of commercials. Part of the gridiron tradition is hearing what the EA's Madden simulation predicts, and this year's results are in: Broncos win in overtime.

A highlight video shows a close match between Denver and Seattle, matching point-for-point to the final whistle. The two are even at 28 points going into overtime, but the Broncos defense stops Seattle and then gains enough yards to kick a field goal for the win. It also makes a point of showing snow in the MetLife stadium, which given the weather on the east coast recently is probably pretty accurate too.

It's all a very exciting play-by-play of events that will almost certainly not happen in that exact way. While Madden has accurately called eight of the last ten games correctly, most recently calling for the Ravens last year, it doesn't usually get the scores or plays quite right. Still, the predictions make for pretty good odds on the winner if nothing else, so there are worse ways to place your bets.

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