Destiny multiplayer will be about more than 'thumb skill'

The same tactics that worked in Halo's competitive multiplayer may not work in Destiny's multiplayer according to Bungie.


Destiny may be Bungie's next big multiplayer shooter, but the developer has been trying to ensure that combat will center around more than the reflex-based twitch shooting it may be known for. Given Destiny's deep RPG roots, design lead Lars Bakken explained how other factors will come into play.

"It's not just your thumb skill, it's understanding how you are outfitting yourself, what weapons you are taking, what choices you have made in your build and then understanding how to use them properly," he said on a podcast (via OXM)

Bakken also highlighted Destiny's larger focus on movement abilities such as double jumps and teleports as the major difference between a typical competitive match in Halo and a match in Destiny: "The thing that was really hard for us at first, was trying to make movement modes make sense and not feel too powerful and not make it so that we couldn't control where the players were going and how they interact with each other."

Because players in Destiny are much more mobile than Halo's Spartans, Bakken stresses that the straightforward "run and gun" tactics of Halo won't really transfer over to Destiny and that a bigger emphasis will be placed on planning ahead and out-thinking opponents because of their high mobility; "What used to work in Halo, doesn't work as well in Destiny."

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