Rymdkapsel lands on PC January 30

Minimalist puzzle strategy game Rymdkapsel will launch on January 30 for $7.99.


Rymdkapsel, a minimalist puzzle-strategy game that combines Tetris-like shape-fitting with base strategy, is coming to the PC on January 30. Developer Grapefrukt Games announced last month that it would be hitting soon, along with word that the mobile versions of the game have sold a combined 200,000 copies.

It will cost $7.99 on Steam, but will sport a 10% discount at launch. The official site will also sell a 'Monolith Edition' that includes the Android version and soundtrack.

In Rymdkapsel, you're tasked with building a base and fending off waves of enemy attackers, all while attempting to accomplish three missions. In the mobile versions, once you accomplished all three missions (either in the same run or separate ones), you had finished the game. The PC version will feature two more game modes: Plus Mode with four new monoliths, and Zen Mode that lets you build without worrying about enemy attacks. It also promises more missions.

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