DC Universe Online adds 'Armories' for character build swapping

DC Universe Online has added an Armories feature to let you store different character builds and swap them on the fly. The first is free, but after that they're sold for $6 apiece or in bundles of four or eight.


DC Universe Online has added Armories today, letting you store various character builds in your bases to prepare for different scenarios. You can switch between them anytime you aren't in combat, or during PvE combat with a cooldown timer.

You can have four Armories per base, among your four bases, for a total of 16 total options. The first will be given for free after a mission, while the rest must be purchased. A single Armory costs $6 apiece, but you can buy them in packs of four for $20 or packs of eight for $32. They're also available to buy with Loyalty Points.

Swapping between your Armories lets you switch attributes like gear, skill points, power points, loadouts, role, styles, and colors. If you're very committed to your character's fiction, you could make sure to save the really amazing suit for your death and resurrection arc. You know, after you respawn.

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