No Man's Sky to stay 'in flux' for late players

Hello Games' Sean Murray explains how the team plans to keep No Man's Sky fresh even for late players, but says the early game will be the most exciting part for him.


No Man's Sky has garnered a lot of attention for its procedural approach to exploring the galaxy, but what happens if you come to it a year late after the depths of space have already been plumbed? Hello Games' Sean Murray says the team has a plan for dealing with that very problem.

Murray told Edge that the size of the universe alone will help keep things fresh for a long time. But even once that well runs dry, the studio has a few tricks up its sleeve.

"If all of the people on Earth right now had very powerful spaceships and were to visit every corner of every planet in the universe, we would not do very well in our lifetime of mapping that out," he said. "The second thing is that the outer edges of the first galaxy will begin to be more explored, but as more and more players come into the game there are mechanisms we’re bringing in that will keep everything in flux, and that ties in with things you can do that are of significance."

That said, he seems excited for the early days of his game, as he says the pioneering is the most interesting part for him. "The best time for me in an MMOG is those first few weeks, where everything is in flux and everyone is just trying to figure out the rules and the lore of the game," he said. "It’s like you’ve landed in this universe that’s just been created for you and you’re all going to figure out how it works. And that is exactly what we want to create."

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