DC Universe Online introduces Blue Lantern Corps and Rage in 'War of the Light' DLC

"War of the Light," will introduce a brand new storyline and new power set to DCUO.

Now that DC Universe Online is out on PS4, it's time for Sony Online Entertainment to start cranking out more expansions. The next, 'War of the Light,' will introduce a brand new storyline and new power set. War of the Light will have lanterns of all colors losing connection with their emotional spectrum entities. Four Corps--Green, Blue, Sinestro, and Red--are warring in Downtown Metropolis and the planets of Mogo and Ranx. Players will team up with either Hal Jordan or Sinestro to investigate the colored mists that are affecting citizens' emotions. In addition to introducing Blue Lantern Corps to the game, the DLC also adds the Rage power set, which can be used by both heroes and villains. According to SOE, Rage will have "a brand new tanking mechanic for players to master, adding a whole new strategy to group content." Saint Walker and Atrocitus will be added as Legends PvP characters as well. The first part of War of the Light will be available "later this winter." It is planned as a trilogy, with more corps to be introduced in future parts. It'll be free for Legendary members, while Free and Premium players will have to buy the DLC.

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