Nintendo 2DS Pokemon bundles coming December 6

Nintendo is packaging retailer-exclusive 2DS bundles with pre-loaded copies of Pokemon X and Y. They'll be available at Target and Toys R Us starting this Friday.


The Nintendo 2DS was introduced as a budget-price (and kid-friendly) version of the 3DS family, making it the cheapest way to play Pokemon X and Y. A couple of retailer-exclusive bundles are packing in the pocket monsters to drive that home even more, and they'll be available starting this Friday.

On December 6, you'll be able to get a red 2DS with Pokemon X pre-installed at Target, or a blue 2DS with Pokemon Y pre-installed at Toys R Us. Each will cost $149.99, a solid $20 cheaper than you could find for the system and game individually. The announcement specifies that the TRU bundle will also be available at, implying that Target's bundle is in-store only.

The 2DS is similar to the 3DS models in most respects, except it lacks the clamshell design and 3D function. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata recently admitted the new system hadn't quite taken off yet, chalking part of the problem up to a misunderstanding of its size and weight.

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