Team17 goes back to publishing starting with indie game Light

Team17 has reopened its publishing arm, starting with the indie game Light which is now on Steam Greenlight.


Team17 has turned into something of a Worms dispensary, constantly cranking out freshly murderous annelids. But it has bigger ambitions, now having announced plans to restart its long-defunct publishing business. Its first published game will be Light, developed by the UK studio Just a Pixel.

Light is currently up on Steam Greenlight and seeking votes. The prototype video (below) shows off a bit of the concept, but it notes that it isn't representative of the finished game.

Team17 said in the announcement that the "timing is right" for it to get back into publishing. It plans to draw on its years of personal experience and indie game know-how to help push games into the spotlight. It actually has some background in the field, having started as a publishing house when the company began more than 20 years ago. It's responsible for publishing games like the original Alien Breed and Super Stardust, so that's nothing to sneeze at.


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