Fire Emblem's Marth joins Smash Bros cast

Marth, the knight from Fire Emblem, has been confirmed as part of the Smash Bros roster for Wii U and 3DS.

When Super Smash Bros Melee released in 2001, it included two sword-fighters that most American gamers were not familiar with. Since Fire Emblem was an obscure Japanese strategy RPG series at the time, players didn't really know who this "Marth" guy was. The series has gained some recognition since then, though, so of course he's coming back for the Wii U and 3DS iteration of Super Smash Bros. Nintendo posted a batch of screenshots of the blue-haired knight on its official site, with a bit of Miiverse confirmation from director Masahiro Sakurai to boot. You can check out the screens to see Marth wailing on various adorable Nintendo characters with a sword, and apparently charming Princess Peach. Mario is not going to be happy.

Trouble brewing

Marth as he appears on the 3DS

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