Grand Theft Auto Online patch fixes save game and cash losses

Rockstar has issued another GTA Online patch, this one targeted at losing progress during cloud or network outages. With that out of the way, it expects to roll out the stimulus funds later this week.


Rockstar has rolled out another Grand Theft Auto V title update today, this one aimed at zapping more GTA Online bugs. The title update 1.05 primarily targets problems that would crop up from network and cloud outages.

The patch notes list three major technical fixes. It will prevent you from losing progress when there is a cloud outage, and will keep your cash balance steady during network problems. It also fixes a "rare" issue in which players could lose their custom vehicle or mods if they exited the game while it was having network problems.

With that out of the way, Rockstar expects to launch the "stimulus" funds later this week. The studio had previously delayed the in-game fund payout for more bug fixing. It notes that the cash will be distributed over the course of a full day, so be patient. If a friend got his moneys, you won't have necessarily gotten yours yet, but it should be all square within 24 hours.


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