Ultra Street Fighter 4's new offensive and defensive options detailed

Capcom has detailed two new systems coming to Ultra Street Fighter 4: the Ultra Combo Double and Red Focus, meant to give players more offensive and defensive options, respectively.


It's like the 90s all over again. Capcom is releasing a new Ultra version of Street Fighter 4, with some new fighters and gameplay tweaks. Producer Tomoaki Ayano has chimed in on a few of those new battle systems that will appear in this final(?) revision.

In an update on the Capcom-Unity blog, Ayano went over two major changes: The Ultra Combo Double and Red Focus Attack.

The Ultra Combo Double represents a new option when choosing between your Ultras. Rather than pick from one or the other, you'll get to bring both into a match and activate either as the situation calls for it. On the down side, though, both Ultras will be less powerful than if you had committed to one or the other. The Red Focus Attack acts as an enhancement to the regular Focus Attack system, and lets you absorb multiple attacks. It's distinguishable by its red glow.

"Our vision is that Dual Ultra Combos will give you more offensive options, while the Red Focus Attack will give you more defensive options," Ayano said.

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