Infamous: Second Son Limited and Collector's Editions announced

Sucker Punch and Sony have announced Limited and Collector's Editions for Infamous: Second Son. They both include "Cole's Legacy" DLC, and the CE includes some extras like a beanie and pins.


Infamous: Second Son may be missing the PlayStation 4 launch, but Sony is still treating it like a major release for its kickoff in February. Today the publisher announced Limited and Collector's Editions, both of which include a prologue to fill in the gaps between it and Infamous 2.

The PlayStation Blog detailed the two sets. The Limited Edition goes toward all pre-orders, including existing ones. It includes a foil cover and "Cole's Legacy" DLC, in addition to the already-announced designer vests. The DLC will cover what happened between the end of Infamous 2 and the beginning of Second Son, as the government cracked down on those with superpowers after Cole made a mess of things.

The Collector's Edition includes the DLC, along with a host of goodies: an exclusive cover, exclusive in-game vest, a physical replica of Deslin's beanie, a set of pin badges, decals, and a Department of Unified Protection patch in case you want to play dress-up as a jackbooted thug. A price wasn't announced for the CE.


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