The Order: 1886 mixes in Arthurian legend

New details about The Order: 1886 have emerged, detailing the story and some of its gameplay systems.


The Order: 1886 certainly wowed us with a flashy trailer when it debuted at E3, but it left quite a bit unknown. New details have emerged, exposing its story as a mixture of horror, Arthurian legend, and historical fiction.

The latest issue of Game Informer shares the details. Though the game takes place in the late 1800s, you're playing as one of the Knights of the Round Table (otherwise known as the Order). Around the 7th or 8th century, human evolution splintered, and "half-breeds" started wreaking havoc on the normal human population. In this fiction, King Arthur founded his infamous Round Table to fight off the half-breeds. The knights use a mysterious substance to prolong their life, and each time a knight falls, his apprentice takes over and usually takes his name as well. The player will take control of Sir Galahad, the third knight to take on the name. By the time the game takes place, humans are winning the war and the half-breeds are struggling for survival.

In general terms, it's a third-person shooter. The alternate-history setting gives Ready at Dawn the opportunity to play with technology and weapons far beyond the time period, and the camera has been built to simulate an actual camera following the player. Ready at Dawn also boasted about building "soft" objects that react dynamically, like human characters that bend realistically or metal that dynamically reacts to a powerful magnet. It also reiterated that the impressive visual flourishes we saw in the trailer were done using in-game models and visual effects.

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