Portal 2 characters appearing in Toon Hero app

Valve has announced a deal with app-maker Trigger Happy, to put assets and characters from Portal 2 into the cartoon creation app "Toon Hero."


Valve has signed off on a deal with Toon Hero creator Trigger Happy, to allow use of their Portal 2 characters and assets in the cartoon creator app. It starts rolling out this week with the addition of P-Body, one of the two co-op robots from the game.

Trigger Happy promises that other backgrounds and characters from Portal 2 will be coming along later this year, which presumably will include P-Body's squat partner Atlas. The Toon Hero app is free, and charges for some licensed characters. P-Body himself is 99 cents. Once you have him, you can animate him and then share it with others.

“The Portal community is always creating and expanding the fictional world of Aperture," said Valve's Arsenio Navarro in the announcement. "Toon Hero invites all test subjects to experiment with Portal 2 characters and environments via a leading mobile story telling app."

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