Weekend Confirmed 185 - Grand Theft Auto Online, Card Hunter

By Ozzie Mejia, Oct 04, 2013 11:00am PDT

Grand Theft Auto Online has launched, but sadly, hosts Garnett Lee and Jeff Cannata (and Shacknews' Ozzie Mejia) are stuck at the beginning on a "Waiting for players" message. But one person was lucky enough to get in and that's "Indie" Jeff Mattas, who's here to give us his early impressions of GTA 5's new online mode. But not before a brief discussion about Steam Machines and Valve's new controller. After talking some GTA, the crew talks about Card Hunter and what makes it so great, before lamenting its trip down the free-to-play rabbit hole. The show wraps up with some talk of what everyone's looking forward to playing this holiday season, before flying off into the weekend with some new Finishing Moves and the post-show Tailgate.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 185: 10/04/2013

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  • As somebody who played through all of the Card Hunter content and strongly dislikes the rise of the free-to-play model ("F2P"), I have to say I think you guys were being way to hard on Card Hunter. I'm like Jeff in that if I play a F2P game, I go out of my way not to spend any money. I refuse to participate in anything that even approaches a "pay to win," mechanic because I feel that it cheapens the game expereince.

    That said, I don't think that Card Hunter has any of that. I bought the basic edition because it unlocked content. I'm happy to pay for content unlocks because it tends to have very little effect on gameplay. And after that one purchase, I never had to give them any more money or even encountered a situation where I even thought about it. It's true that the "club membership" that gives you access to the bonus loot expires after a month, but since I got to the end in a few weeks, that's pretty immaterial.

    The closest Card Hunter comes to an offensive practice is where you can buy chests with pizza (aka real money). And while I would agree that it smells a little bit, it's offset by the fact that you really never need to do it. There's nothing special about those chests. Even if you decided that you needed more loot, which I never did, you could just replay a module and get 3 or 4 chests that way without paying a single dime,

    Feel free to continue to rail against F2P games. I'll join the chorus. But I'm just not sure why you guys singled out Card Hunter as an egregious offender. It's just not. Here are the things you can buy with real money - extra dungeons (content locks, which I'm fine with), new character models (cosmetic, also acceptable), and loot - through chests or club membership (which I've noted above can be obtained easily just by playing the game).

  • Oh, and a minor request - I really would love it if you guys would mention the name of the game you're talking about towards the end (or middle) of the discussion, kind of like how, on the radio, they'll tell you the song you just listened to.

    I often don't listen with my full attention because I'm commuting or exercising or whatever, and the discussion will catch my attention after the game was introduced and then the name of the game is never mentioned again and I have to go back and try and find where the discussion started.

    Obviously, this a very trivial problem, but I just thought it would be nice to do if you happened to think about it.

  • In regards to greifing in GTA online you have several options.

    Obviously you can't be hurt in your home/apartment, and a store is safe too. Passive mode only works when you're on foot and it only protects you from gunfire, you can still be run over and killed (if you're in a car, passive mode does nothing).

    And yes, you can play in an invite only session or even start a solo session that no one can join.

    Once you rank up enough you unlock the enjoyable option of putting bounties on players heads. So if some jackass is spawn killing you or (as happened to me) outside of a store with a rocket launcher waiting for you to exit, you can call up Lester and put a price on their head. All of a sudden every player in the session gets informed that they can ear several thousand dollars for bumping off your agressor it's a delightful turn of events. Watch them suddenly run away or leave the session (you can even follow them to another session and kill them for the bounty).\

    If you're high enough rank and you really want to show off you can just call up an attack helicopter to play guardian angel or call in an airstrike.

    Although, if someone kills you and you're up for a bit of a battle you can dynamically turn it into an official 1v1 death match by pressing a certain button and the game will keep a tally of your score as you battle while the rest of the world ticks on around you.

  • I listen to so many podcasts that I can't keep them straight, but has anyone on the show mentioned The Long Dark? It's got a kickstarter that's only got 10 days left and they are a little over half of their $200,000 goal. They won't make it at this rate, but I think it's only because so few know about it. It's being made by a few industry vets, the one that interests me the most is the art director from The Unfinished Swan, Sly Cooper, and League of Legends. The art style is so impressive that it will be tragic if this thing doesn't get made. The only other kickstarter I've pledged money to was Jeff Cannata's. If you haven't seen it, check it out - if only because misery loves company and I want you to wallow in the disappointment along with me if it doesn't get made.