Call of Duty: Ghosts trailer outlines Squads multiplayer modes

A new trailer for Call of Duty: Ghosts details the multiplayer modes available for your customized bot team in Squads.


Call of Duty: Ghosts is making a few notable changes to multiplayer, including new bot-powered "Squads" that can play alongside you, earn XP, and even fight when you're not around. A new trailer explains four of the game modes available, ranging from bot-versus-human to all-bot brawls.

As detailed in the trailer, your XP is used to customize your squad with loadouts. Then you and your squad can fight alone or with friends against AI-controlled opponents. That basically amounts to bot-matches, but the video details several different gameplay types. Wargame is more or less a practice mode, while Squad vs Squad has you taking on the tactics of other players. Safeguard has you and your squad attempt to survive waves of enemies. The most intriguing is likely Squad Assault, in which you can challenge the squads of players who are currently offline. Likewise, when you're offline, other players can challenge yours and you'll earn XP bonuses.

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