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Divinity: Original Sin delayed to February 2014

Divinity: Original Sin has been pushed back to February 2014, as Larian cites the stretch goals from its Kickstarter campaign are taking longer than expected.


Divinity: Original Sin has now set a date of February 28, 2014, a push back from its previous (and somewhat vague) fall 2013 window. The team at Larian Studios says that the backers who gained alpha access can expect it to hit in November, and the beta should be coming early in January.

The Kickstarter update attributes the delay to its stretch goals, which are taking longer than they originally anticipated. The page doesn't mention which ones specifically are eating up their time, but some of the stretch goals include customizable personality traits and fleshed-out companion characters.

Divinity was originally announced in May 2012, and had been development had been progressing steadily. In March it turned to Kickstarter, asking for $400,000 for a bit of spit-shine on the RPG. It easily eclipsed that amount, raising more than $940,000. Larian will be fielding fan queries in a Q&A sessions on Twitch tomorrow at 10 AM PST.


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