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How Thief for PS4 will use DualShock 4's new features

Thief for PS4 will use the DualShock 4's light bar and touch pad.


Thief is yet another cross-gen game. And obviously, the next-gen versions will feature better graphics and better "immersion." But how else will Thief take advantage of the new generation of hardware?

On PS4, Thief will take advantage of DualShock 4's new features. Like Killzone: Shadow Fall, the game will use the built-in light bar to give players some subtle (but important) information. "For the DualShock 4, we use the light bar to reflect the light gem in the in-game UI, which indicates if Garrett is in the shadows or not. It creates a nice feeling when you play in the dark to see it illuminate or darken as you move through the environment," producer Stephane Roy explained.

"Additionally, the touch pad allows for better menu navigation and makes for a more intuitive way to perform various actions, like navigating the map or selecting weapons," Roy told the PlayStation.Blog.

Roy praises the enhanced motion controls of the DualShock 4, saying it is "way more precise than before." As in so many early PS3 games, it appears you'll be able to use the controller's built-in tilt functionality to aim. "You can use it to adjust your aiming with the bow and the level of accuracy we get with it is really impressive," Roy added.

Andrew Yoon was previously a games journalist creating content at Shacknews.

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