Publishers Beware The Net

Some follow-up to that bit about Stephen King selling chapters of his book on the internet in an attempt to bypass publishers. It seems to have been a success in some points, but a failure in others. Most amazingly they are claiming to have actually hit the 75% paying readers goal (!?!?) but the actual number of people paying for the first chapter is only in the 40,000 range. (awww.. poor guy only made $40,000 for his first chapter of a book)

"When the dust settles, Marsha and I are hoping - quite reasonably, we think - for a pay-through rate of 85-90 per cent. [snip] Regarding sales, King admitted they weren't equal to the previous book he sold online, Riding The Bullet, but said that the publicity campaign for this second book had been smaller.

This kind of strategy and the surprising success they are claiming could have some interesting possible impacts on other industries. (read: games) Well, maybe..

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