Command & Conquer details returning factions, units

Command & Conquer director Tim Morten talks about returning factions and the new-to-old unit ratio in the upcoming F2P game.


The new Command & Conquer is making some major changes to the series, most notably with its free-to-play model. But it's still a C&C game, and Victory Games has outlined some of the returning aspects we can expect from past titles.

In an EA Q&A, development director Tim Morten said that it will still feature the Global Liberation Army from the last game, along with the European Union taking the place of the US faction, and the Asia Pacific Alliance taking place of the China faction.

"In the future we're going to go back to the Tiberium Universe and the Red Alert Universe," he noted. "I would expect that we'll still see GDI but we haven't written the story yet."

Morten also said that about a third of the units will be familiar from previous games, with another third returning but modified. The last third will be brand new. He specifically name-dropped the Overlord Tank as a returning unit, but didn't mention other returning or new units.

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