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Nordic Games exploring franchises with small teams, still waiting for THQ assets

Nordic Games development director Reinhart Pollice says it's starting to work with small teams to explore the franchises it picked up from THQ, but in some cases the company is still waiting for assets.


Nordic Games has begun to work with small development teams to explore the franchises it picked up from THQ in April, but is still waiting on some assets to come in. Business and product development director Reinhart Pollice explained recently that this has made development tricky, and some franchises are further along than others.

"We are already working with some smaller teams to see what we can do to bring it to the next level. The time frame is difficult to say," Pollice told Game Informer. "At the moment we are still in the phase where we discover."

He said that getting the assets from THQ is "tricky," but they're trying to get as much as they can before proceeding. "This is just because the approach, we want to have the complete package, or as much as possible. Sometimes it's not important, sometimes it's like, a piece which we can replace, especially if we drive it further, but it would be good to have it. We always makes plans for, if we get that, if we don't get it, how we move on. And at the moment the franchise we are closest to do something is MX vs ATV because that's not such a hard thing." He then clarified that MX vs ATV is the closest to an official announcement, not necessarily the closest to release.

Pollice also expressed reservations for some of the franchises, like Drawn to Life or Full Spectrum Warrior, for being in the casual space or the "very crowded" military first-person shooter genre. An while he says it's possible to make a new Darksiders without the involvement of creative director Joe Madureira, since the universe is already fleshed out, Pollice says that "ideally" Nordic would like to work with him on a sequel.

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