Skylanders: Swap Force includes unique starter figures on 3DS

Skylanders: Swap Force is due for a variety of platforms again, but this time around Activision has made sure you can get the console and 3DS versions without redundant stages or figures.


Skylanders Swap Force on 3DS will distinguish itself more from its console counterparts this time around, complete with its own unique starter figures. Activision has given some more detail on the handheld version, with a particular emphasis on setting it apart from the others.

Most significantly, Swap Force on 3DS will come with its own three starter characters: Rattle Shake, Volcanic Eruptor, and Free Ranger. The announcement puts a fine point on noting that this means you could buy both the console and 3DS version and not have any repeated figures, as you would have in the past few games. Since Swap Force is all about mixing and matching parts of the figures, that also gives you two more swappable figures to combine with the others. Of course, you'll still be able to buy the figures separately.

The 3DS version will also feature its own story, revolving around an attack on Flynn's hometown from Count Moneybone. The count kidnaps Flynn's lady friend (but not ladyfriend) Cali, so he calls the Skylanders to help. Activision promises the 3DS version will feature its own set of stages too, so again, they're encouraging you to pick up both versions.

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