Zoo Tycoon for Xbox 360 drops key features from Xbox One version

Zoo Tycoon on Xbox 360 will lack some of the features of the Xbox One version, like Kinect support and multiplayer. It will also strip down the zoo size to about half of its counterpart.


Zoo Tycoon is coming to both Xbox 360 and Xbox One this holiday season, and unsurprisingly, the next-gen version is a bit more feature-packed. Microsoft Studios manager Jorg Neumann revealed that the current-gen version makes some serious concessions to the limited capabilities of the aging console.

"[Xbox 360] can't render this," Neumann told Videogamer. "We have to decrement a lot of the art, you can't even store it all. So we can't have 100 animals [as with Xbox One]. We can have 55 maybe, we're still working on the exact specifics for that." To match the smaller number of animals, zoos will be half the size as well.

He went on to describe other cut features. Kinect mini-games have been cut from the 360 version, since Kinect uses up a fair bit of 360's processing power. Xbox Live support was nixed too, so it's purely a single-player experience. He said they're "banking on the Xbox One community." All in all, it sounds like a fairly stripped down version.

"There's a lot of [differences], but if you want to play a single-player game and still have a good time, you can play it on 360."

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