Peggle 2 adding new Masters, bringing back Ode to Joy

Peggle 2 lead producer Jared Neuss talks about what PopCap is bringing that's new to the sequel, like new and more powerful Masters, dynamic animations and audio, and some more options of victory music.


Peggle is a pretty simple concept, so what is PopCap adding to the formula for Peggle 2? Lead producer Jared Neuss explained how the new set of Masters will mix it up with powers beyond those of the older games.

"We've taken the Masters out of the gun and really brought them to life in ways that we couldn't before," Neuss told Game Informer. "They're all fully animated, they all have amazing audio, they have their own personalities and quirks. They'll watch what you do and react to it in real time."

As an example he introduced Luna, who makes all of the blue pegs disappear and gives unimpeded access to the game-winning orange ones. That's a pretty potent ability compared to some of the older powers like Bjorn's, which Neuss says is "very simple and sort of eases you into the idea" of powers.

"The new Master powers are way over-the-top and very different, compared to the old Master powers," Neuss said. "We just wanted to try a lot of new things."

He also noted that Ode to Joy victory music is back, of course, but that Peggle 2 will introduce some other Fever music as well. It also sports a new audio engine, which will dynamically change the music and become more tense as you get closer to the finish.

Peggle 2 will be available on Xbox One at launch, with other versions to follow afterwards.

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