PlayStation Vita Pets sure looks familiar

EyePet developer Spiral House announced PlayStation Vita Pets today, a dog sim game that also lets you take your pup on adventures around an island. It's only announced for Europe so far.


They say that imitation is the best... oh c'mon. Vita is getting its own virtual pet game, called (appropriately enough) PlayStation Vita Pets. EyePet developer Spiral House is working on the game, and promises it really is more than Sony's attempt at Nintendogs.

The central goal, as stated by the European PlayStation.Blog, is to make more of a game than a sim. You'll pick from among four puppies with their own personalities, and then take it adventuring around Castlewood Island. Taking your pup on these missions will involve solving puzzles in locations like an old mine and a graveyard, ultimately making your way to a spooky old castle.

Of course, you can also do the normal sim-like things with your dog: bathing, teaching tricks, feeding, walking, and dressing him up in humiliating outfits (above). The blog also promises AR features that will make use of the Vita functionality.

Spiral House is planning a formal reveal with hands-on time at Gamescom, but no US release plans have been mentioned so far. Check out the trailer below to see the dogs interacting and, for some reason, talking.


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