Senran Kagura Burst shakes up 3DS lineup this fall

XSEED Games announced today that it is bringing Senran Kagura Burst to the US, a 3DS action-adventure game based on the anime and manga series.


XSEED Games announced today that it will be publishing the 3DS action-adventure game Senran Kagura Burst in North America this fall. SKB, based on the anime and manga series, focuses on an underground all-girls ninja school. Unsurprisingly, players can expect gratuitous fanservice, with the announcement boasting that "damage to the girls is revealed through the gradual destruction and removal of their shinobi outfits."

Players take control of five of the students as they train to become shinobi. You'll talk to the other students to get to know their personalities before heading out for combat missions that include retrieval, multi-character battles, and boss fights. The Japanese voices will be kept intact for the localization, with English subtitles.

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