DC Universe Online: War of the Light, Amazon Fury, and Halls of Power DLC announced

SOE revealed plans for the next seven DLC packs for DC Universe Online


Sony Online Entertainment announced a number of planned DLC packs for DC Universe Online. The plan is to alternate between large and small group DLC in the future, with large DLC focusing on raids, while small DLC focusing on solo/duo experiences.

Upcoming storylines will be presented in three parts--a trilogy of DLC. Following Sons of Trigon is "War of the Light: Part 1," which will introduce the Blue Lantern Corp. Across three DLC packs, a new version of Metropolis will be continuously populated with additional Green Lantern themed content.

Following War of the Light, SOE will release Amazon Fury. Another trilogy, this story focuses the Amazons declaring war on men. These add-ons will also introduce "amazing creatures from Greek mythology" for players to fight.

The final DLC announced at SOE Live was "Halls of Power," which will require players to defend their league halls from the likes of Apokolips and Darkseid. But for players that don't want to pay for content, There will also be free content accessible to all players. For example, the armory will introduce PVP and PVE leaderboards for all players.

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