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X-Men: Battle of the Atom card-battler coming to mobile this fall

GREE has announced X-Men: Battle of the Atom, a mobile card-battling game that ties into the upcoming comic storyline. It's due this fall for iOS and Android devices.


The X-Men are celebrating 50 years in comics, and Marvel and GREE have announced a new mobile game as part of the festivities. X-Men: Battle of the Atom is a collectible card battling game that spans the lengthy (and complicated) X-Men continuity, and lets you play card-battle versions of big story events. It's due this fall on iOS and Android devices.

You'll recruit your own team of mutants and form strategic alliances with your friends, and then battle enemies from throughout the X-Men catalog. The cards will showcase work from Marvel artists, and GREE promises an ongoing storyline with regular updates and new characters. The announcement promises hundreds of cards in all, and the debut of new villains as well.

This will all tie in with the upcoming "Battle of the Atom" comic event, set to start in September. That story similarly focuses on time travel, giving a handy way to introduce characters from throughout the series canon.


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