Vita getting Paint Park Plus, Toro's Friend Network apps

The Vita is getting the social app Toro's Friend Network and an updated version of Paint Park tomorrow.


The Vita is getting a pair of apps tomorrow: Toro's Friend Network and Paint Park Plus. The first is a social networking app that lets you interact in a sort of meta-game with friends, while the second is a set of updates and enhancements to the existing Paint Park app.

Toro's Friend Network lets you build a town with your friends and explore a dungeon to gather loot like avatar outfits and ability enhancements. Toro (most recently seen in PlayStation All-Stars) has to make 100 friends, so you exchange name cards with potential buddies or search for them using your Twitter and Facebook account. Oddly this doesn't seem to add friends to your regular PlayStation friends list.

Paint Park Plus features more colors, pens, and brushes, more coloring and connect-the-dots templates, and the ability to earn points to unlock more templates, and coloring themes based on PlayStation games like Gravity Rush and Uncharted. The updated app also includes Twitter support to share your masterpieces.

The PlayStation Blog says that both are free and should be available with tomorrow's PlayStation Store update. Check out the Friend Network trailer below.

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