Batman voice actor says he's in 'next Arkham' game; no mention of Origins

Iconic Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy says he's just finished a long stint of work on the next Arkham game, but didn't directly say he'll be playing the Dark Knight.


Kevin Conroy, the voice actor known for his iconic pipes as Batman in the classic animated series and the previous Arkham games, says he just finished a long stint of work on the "next Arkham" game. While he doesn't specifically name Batman: Arkham Origins, he did mention that his 9-10 months of work has gone into a game that has recently been announced, allowing him to talk about it.

It's worth noting that in the video (via MTV Multiplayer), Conroy doesn't actually say that he voices Batman. We heard from WB Montreal (and heard for ourselves) that Roger Craig Smith would be taking the lead role this time around. Conroy could be playing an older version of the Dark Knight, or some other character altogether.

Check out our preview for more details on Arkham Origins.

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