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Counter-Spy announced for PlayStation 3, Vita, mobile

Indie developer Dynamighty has announced its first game, a Cold War era side-scrolling action game called CounterSpy. It's coming for PS3, Vita, and mobile devices.

Indie developer Dynamighty has announced its first game, CounterSpy. The side-scrolling action game puts you in the dapper shoes of a Cold War "C.O.U.N.T.E.R." agent, tasked with infiltrating and sabotaging two opposing nations that are locked in a dangerous arms race. You have to undermine their operations to make sure they don't launch their weapons at each other and destroy the world in the process. It's being developed for PlayStation 3, Vita, and mobile devices. A post on the PlayStation Blog gives an example of a typical stage. You'll have to fight through Iron Curtain minions and oligarchy to get to a dangerous rocket and sabotage its guidance systems. If successful, the rocket will explode on launch, giving you a nice bonus. It also will sport some form of cross-platform play, though the developer didn't outline those ideas yet. The latest issue of Game Informer also notes that the stages are dynamically generated, and the game constantly presents a Doomsday Clock to keep you motivated to play through missions as fast as possible. Asynchronous multiplayer will let you grab items from friends who have died during a stage. Finally, the mobile version won't be precisely like the PS3 and Vita versions, but rather carry its own experience to perform away missions. Check out the issue for more details.



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