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THQ has over $200 million in debt to settle with LucasArts, Microsoft, and more

THQ creditors have filed claims for payment, including large companies like Microsoft and the ESA, developers like Volition and Vigil, and even individuals.


THQ has filed for bankruptcy and had its properties thoroughly picked over, but the troubles for the now-defunct publisher aren't quite over. The company has a long list of creditors, totaling more than $200 million in claims filed against it.

The claims (via Polygon) include studios like Volition and Vigil. The company also owes non-developers, like Microsoft for more than $200,000 in licensing fee, or UFC parent company Zuffa for $1.9 million in unpaid royalties. Codemasters seeks $1 million in royalties, and Double Fine is seeking $595,000 in royalties related to Stacking, Costume Quest, and the PlayStation Plus promotions surrounding those games.

Some of the largest sums come from THQ subsidiaries in Europe, Asia, and Australia, thanks to loans and interest. The ESA is seeking just over $190,000 for booth space reserved for E3 2013 that will go unused, and will instead be a "lounge area." Even LucasFilm has filed a claim for royalties on mobile games.

The list of claimants, which numbers in the hundreds, even includes individuals. Former THQ executives Jason Rubin and Jason Kay are seeking $2 million and $2.1 million, for unpaid salary, severance, and a breach of employment agreement. Tattoo artist Christopher Escobedo is claiming $4.16 million from a copyright infringement suit over a tattoo that appeared in UFC Undisputed 3.

None of the claims will be paid until the bankruptcy case ends, and new claims are still being filed.

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