Iron Man 3 mobile game is an endless runner (or flyer)

Gameloft has announced that the official Iron Man 3 game is coming on April 25. It's a free-to-play mobile endless-runner.


For years, game developers have struggled to make a decent movie tie-in. The conflicting schedules and demands of Hollywood seem to often doom most such projects, so with the rise of mobile games it only makes sense that movies are turning their attention there. That's why, instead of a slapdash Iron Man 3 console game, we're getting a free-to-play endless runner from Gameloft.

The official game is coming to iPhone, iPad, and Android devices on April 25, to prepare for the movie's May 3 premiere. It sees you navigating the skies as Iron Man, blasting enemies, dodging missiles, and collecting currency to upgrade your suit. It also boasts 18 armors in all, from the standard Iron Man and War Machine suits to more obscure choices like Mark-35 (Red Snapper) and Mark-25 (Striker).

Gameloft has a history of licensed games, including Men in Black 3 and The Dark Knight Rises.

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