Forza Horizon free '1000 Club' expansion adds new cars, challenges

A free new "1000 Club" expansion for Forza Horizon adds two new cars and a thousand new challenges, alongside more achievements to chase.


Forza Horizon has been out for about six months, which is enough time for any game to start running out of gas. Playground Games has released a new expansion today aimed squarely at prolonging its lifespan, with new cars and 1,000 new challenges to conquer.

The "1000 Club" expansion adds two bonus cars: the 1956 Ford F100, and the 1995 RUF CTR2. Each of the cars in the game gained a new challenge attached to it, with focuses like speed, reverse, drifting, air time, and pulling off specific stunts. It also creates a variety of new location-based challenges, and includes 10 new Achievements. If you purchased the Season Pass and own all of those associated cars, you'll get even more extra challenges.

"Variety is the key to the Forza Horizon 1000 Club Expansion Pack," said creative director Ralph Fulton, in the announcement. "All of the challenges have been custom designed to fit the unique personality and strengths of each car in the game. The game even recognizes which cars you have in your garage and will recommend challenges for you to try."

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