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Power Rangers Megaforce coming to 3DS this fall

Namco Bandai announced Power Rangers Megaforce today, a 3DS action title that allows you to scan in "Morpher Cards" for extra powers.

Depending on your age, your reaction to the Power Rangers may vary from "oh cool" to "that's still a thing?" But thanks to a continuous stream of new iterations, the franchise has stayed alive since 1993. The next iteration is called "Megaforce," and a 3DS tie-in game will use a card scanner to enable power-ups. It's coming this fall. The game from Namco Bandai is a side-scrolling action game, based on the Nickelodeon series of the same name. It pits the Rangers against the Warstar aliens, who presumably enjoy war. You can fight as the Rangers and then, of course, call in Megazords to take on larger threats. Players will be able to collect "Morpher Cards" and scan them, or use the 3DS camera to take a picture of themselves as a Megaforce Ranger.

A look at what the Morpher Cards look like


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