Sega teases Disney project for summer release

Sega is teasing a new Disney project for this summer, and all signs indicate it's the Castle of Illusion release that was recently rated.


Sega is teasing something Disney related, lending more weight to the stack of evidence that the company is planning a Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse revival. A new teaser trailer from the company promises a Disney project aiming for a summer release, and in the process shows off a few telltale Castle of Illusion references.

Sega's teaser trailer is brief, and doesn't mention a title. It does, however, show wind-up toy soldiers, a spooky castle, and a looming figure who looks suspiciously similar to Castle of Illusion villainess Mizrabel, all with the Disney name attached in one corner.

Given that a Castle of Illusion game was recently rated for current-gen consoles, and XBLA cover art found, that seems like a safe bet. The new mystery is just how this game will look. The trailer shows newly rendered 3D, which could mean the game is being given a 3D makeover--or those images are just for the sake of cutscenes and the game will retain its 2D origins. The presence of a teaser (and quickly approaching summer due date) implies that Sega will be taking the wraps off sooner than later.

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