Popcornflix app launches on Xbox

An app for Popcornflix launched on the Xbox 360 today, offering free movies (aside from the Xbox Live Gold subscription).


The Xbox 360 already has quite a few entertainment apps that offer movies, but many like Netflix require a subscription to the service. What's a cheapskate to do? Starting today you could download the Popcornflix app, which offers streaming movies for free--with an Xbox Live Gold subscription, naturally.

The announcement touts Kinect navigation functionality, and claims that each month the service will be adding 30-40 additional movies. David Fannon, executive VP of Screen Media Ventures, says the service will launch "movie exclusives" specifically for the Xbox Live audience.

The catalog is, well, about what you would expect from a collection of free movies. Its front page is loaded with sex comedies and horror flicks. It also boasts the star power of the likes of Brad Pitt and Angelia Jolie, but you should know going in these aren't their most famous roles. For example, Pitt stars in Too Young to Die? and Jolie in Mojave Moon. But if you're a film buff seeking out obscurity or a fan of camp, it seems Popcornflix will do just fine.

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