Two new Invizimals games coming to PS3 and Vita

Sony has announced two more Invizimals games: The Lost Kingdom for PlayStation 3 and The Alliance for Vita.


Sony has announced two more games in the Invizimals series, one for each of its platforms. Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom is for PlayStation 3 and Invizimals: The Alliance is for Vita. The two are separate games, but can link up to engage in four-player battles and send and receive bonus items.

Alliance for Vita is being developed by Novarama Technology, the studio behind the original PSP game. It will be an augmented reality title that lets you hunt and battle the creatures. You can find them hiding around your house, use the touch features to draw it into your hands, and features 20 new capture mechanics.

The Lost Kingdom for PS3 is coming from Magneta Software, and it will be a single-player experience. You'll actually play as an Invizimal creature yourself, and make your way through a distinct story from the Vita game. Given that the Invizimal gameplay works best on a camera-equipped handheld device, it's pretty clear why the PS3 version is so drastically different.

The games have only been announced for Europe right now, but given the dearth of content for Vita, we'd be surprised if SCEA didn't bring the game over Stateside. Here's the trailer:

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