Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City and Vice City Stories on PS3 next week

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories will be coming to PSN next Tuesday, for $9.99 apiece.


Rockstar is releasing even more Grand Theft Auto on the PlayStation Network next week, because all those autos aren't going to theft themselves. This time it will come in the form of two spin-off PSP titles that were later turned into PS2 games, and are now being brought to download on the PlayStation 3.

Rockstar announced that Liberty City Stories and its pastel suit-clad cousin Vice City Stories will be available as PS2 Classics when the PlayStation Store updates on Tuesday. Each will cost $9.99, just like GTA3 and Vice City, which share the same settings, respectively.

The games are also available for PSP (and Vita) for $19.99.

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