Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon achievements imply standalone game

A set of achievements for Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon seem to imply that it will be a standalone game.


More evidence has mounted in the growing pile that indicates Far Cry 3 is getting a standalone downloadable follow-up. A set of achievements has been outed for Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, the seeming Xbox Live Arcade that was rated in Brazil earlier this month.

The presence of achievements themselves, outed by Exophase (via Joystiq), is fairly innocuous. But, these are notable for adding up to 400G, which you might notice is the standard total for an XBLA title. They make several references to killing dragons, presumably some variation of the Komodo dragons that were present in Far Cry 3. Others mention rescuing hostages, killing all of the animal types (with the charming name "Murder Nature"), and gathering VHS tapes.

When the classification popped up, it gave some extra significance to recent comments from lead writer Jeffrey Yohalem. He had said that he was working on something "surprising" to continue the game, and wanted to "strike while the iron's hot." A standalone game would certainly be surprising, and given the leaked achievements and rumored XBLA artwork it could be coming soon.

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