Countdown to the IGF 2013: Hotline Miami

Every weekday, we'll be taking a look at a finalist for the IGF Seumas McNally Grand Prize. Today: Hotline Miami


The Independent Games Festival (IGF) is a celebration of gaming's hidden gems. On March 27th, five games will compete to win the Seumas McNally Grand Prize. Every weekday until then, Shacknews will be highlighting a finalist, exploring what makes each game so unique.

Hotline Miami probably could be nominated for its soundtrack alone. Dennaton Games' stylish 2D beat 'em up is a bload-soaked murder-fest. But beneath the fast-paced combat and combo-powered high score system lies a sinister plot--one that will have you questioning the reasons behind your rampage.

One-hit kills and incredibly aggressive AI make the game less of an action game--and more of a dance, really. You'll carefully plot out ways to dispatch dozens of foes, as you punch, bat, stomp, and shoot your way through the mob. Its instant die-and-respawn gameplay echoes the same arcadey addictiveness of Super Meat Boy and its ilk.

Already a success on PC, Hotline Miami is also coming to PS3 and Vita. The PlayStation versions play as expected--although the retro 2D graphics seem somewhat more appropriate on Sony's handheld. (You can even use the touch screen to scroll around the environment, for a better view.) It will also be cross-buy, netting you both versions for a single purchase.

Hotline Miami is now available on PC. It will be available on PlayStation Network for Vita and PS3 later this year.

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