Weekend Confirmed 157 - God of War: Ascension, Gears of War: Judgment, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

by Ozzie Mejia, Mar 22, 2013 11:00am PDT
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This week, Garnett Lee is joined by Andrew Yoon and the returning "Indie" Jeff Mattas, who kick off the show by talking about Cart Life and God of War: Ascension, two games that couldn't be more different. Co-host Jeff Cannata arrives in time for the second segment to talk Gears of War: Judgment and put the Tomb Raider discussion to bed by debating Lara's character arc. The show ends with Jeff C. and Andrew raving about Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and Metro: Last Light before everyone brings it all home with a fresh slew of Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 157: 3/22/2013

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    So very, very, very, very tired of the whining.

    Seriously, lets just rename 'Women in Games' to 'Whining in Games' and call it a day. You're going to RESIGN over the presence of some dancers at an after-hours party?

    Maybe, I don't know, just ask that some male dancers be added? Or request this doesn't happen again in the future?

    Throwing a damn temper tantrum over inconsequential bullshit does nothing to add credibility to the notion that women are fighting real issues and not just playing the victim for attention whenever the smallest of opportunities presents itself.

    Thread Truncated. Click to see all 3 replies.

    • Now that's what I call going off half cocked. You could hardly have better exemplified a knee jerk reaction.

      Firstly, they're not quitting their jobs or anything, they're removing themselves from the board of a not for profit organisation. An organisation that claims to value diversity and inclusion in the gaming industry. Now, let me ask you a question. Do you think women walking around naked from the waist up covered only in body paint would contribute or detract from an environment in which women are meant to be made to feel more included or comfortable?

      I want you to answer that question.

      Last year the IGDA got Yetizen to throw a party and they did just that. It was a disaster. It was counter productive to the purposes of the IGDA. So, do you think it was a good idea for the IGDA to ask Yetizen to organise the party again this year? Nope. Yet they did. And you wind up with chicks in slutty clothes dancing provocatively and walking around on stilts with short skirts on. Seriously. Anyone surprised? Now if you were taking your wife or your mother or your daughter to a place that was supposed to make them feel included do you think this kind of behaviour helps or detracts? Answer that question again please.

      Now, if I was on the board I'd probably step down too. I would not want myself associated with an organisation like that. I think that is an extremely mature and appropriate response to the situation, not a 'temper tantrum' the wasted no time painting it as. If we're seriously going to call whiners for standing up for what they believe in or belittle them for over reacting how can we move forward? If we read something like this and immediately knee jerk and write them off as temper tantrum throwing women doing it to seek attentioor play the victim then our minds are truly and disgustingly closed.

      At the very least you should respect their decisions to resign as their own and not let your gortesque assumptions lead the charge over actual facts.