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Frozen Endzone announced, coming in 2014

Mode 7 announced Frozen Endzone today, a future-sports game that has you navigating randomly generated stadium terrain to score. It's due in 2014, with a beta likely coming this year.


Mode 7, the studio behind Frozen Synapse, today announced a new title with a sports twist: Frozen Endzone. The strategy game has two teams attempt to use the randomly-generated stadium terrain to their advantage to run the ball into their opponents' endzone. It's like football, played by robots, with random elements.

The announcement boasts a full single-player (Skirmish and Season) along with multiplayer, customization options, and a trance soundtrack. It's aiming to launch in 2014, but a beta is "almost certainly" coming this year. It's planned for PC, Mac, and Linux, with a hint that other platforms could be added. It utilizes a simultaneous turn-based system, which Mode 7 says it feels is a "massively under-used mechanical structure."

The game is attempting to get on Steam Greenlight, but the announcement mentions that Mode 7 won't be using Kickstarter to fund it. Check out the trailer below.

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