PlayStation All-Stars getting Dead Space's Isaac Clarke, and God of War's Zeus

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is getting two new characters and a new stage on March 19. Isaac from Dead Space and Zeus from God of War will duke it out on a MediEvil/Unfinished Swan mash-up stage.


Sony is moving forward with PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale downloadable content, now sans SuperBot. Next month, the game will add two new characters: engineer-turned-badass Isaac Clarke from Dead Space, and god-turned-terrible-father Zeus from God of War (and Greek mythology).

IGN reports that the two will hit the PlayStation 3 and Vita on March 19. They'll be joined by a new stage as well, a mash-up of MediEvil and The Unfinished Swan. Isaac is said to rely mostly on projectile attacks and has a large arsenal of weaponry. Zeus is more of a brute like the Big Daddy character, which makes sense--especially the daddy part.

The initial release of DLC characters for PlayStation All-Stars was free at launch, but pricing plans for this second batch of content has yet to be determined.

Update: A new post on the PlayStation.Blog has clarified pricing plans. The two characters will be free if you purchase God of War: Ascension. Otherwise, they will be $4.99 each:

So how do All-Stars fans get their hands on the new stuff? The new DLC pack hits the PlayStation Store on March 19th. As before with the recently released “Fearless” stage, the new “Graveyard” stage will be free in online ranked matches and $1.99 if you want to own it. As for Zeus and Isaac, I’m very happy to announce they will come to North America FREE as a redeemable downloadable voucher code packed in with the new God of War: Ascension, which launches on March 12th. When Zeus and Isaac Clarke go live in All-Stars on March 19th (one week later), you can use your code to redeem them any time after they are live. For anybody who doesn’t pick up God of War: Ascension (but of course that’s only crazy people–it’s got what I think is the most epic final battle in the series’ history), the characters will also be for sale in the PSN Store for $4.99 each.

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